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John as a student studied fine art and design, which has lead to a varied career in the creative industries. Over the last 30 years, John worked in the hospitality industry in Canada and around the world and has been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs in the industry. He worked for the high end and trendy establishments and during this time developed a modern approach to food and a natural organic way of relating to food.


After spending the last 10 years based in Dubai it has given him the opportunity to work in Asia, India, GGC and MENA regions. Working with global talent, international brands and exposed to a variety of
culture cuisines.


With this history, he has watched the development of food and brands. A modern awareness of food with lifestyle he has inspired growth to the tables in both the home and the fashionable restaurant of the day. Recipe development and experimenting in international cuisines have been a past time. Raising consumers awareness of what is good food and what is actually good for you.


Aside from tabletop/food styling John is amazing in the kitchen and is always striving for the next creation. From being a guest judging on “MBC Top Chef Middle East” in Dubai, sous for cooking shows in other countries, working on print or television advertising campaigns or social media projects have kept the journey filled with a taste of adventure and spice.

“Every great recipe needs to be stylized on a set.”
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